I am slowly getting this blog more organized. I have added a disclaimer page, and more importantly I have added a link page. I have four clubs/organizations that I know for a fact that cater totally to Business Card Collectors (and you thought this was a just a fluke.) I will be adding other collector’s pages as soon as we trade links. I still have not uploaded any pictures of my collection…I am really slacking in that, but I will get it done (eventually-sigh). So for now you can check out the links page and click on those clubs and see how what the hobby of Business Card Collecting is all about.



I have a deep addiction to collecting business cards…slowly but surely as we organize our house (after a lot of fixing) I will uploading business cards that I find interesting and want to share…I will also share links to others who have the same obsession as I do. If you want to get rid of any unwanted business cards – please contact me via email…and we can definitely resolve that problem!

I am a general business card collector…I really do not look for a particular company or shape or anything of that sort…I guess I am just fascinated by the font that is used on cards and the colors along with any images…I just have a strange infatuation with it.

So Keep checking back to see what I have uploaded from my collection…it is quite the strange but fascinating little hobby…!!!